Humidifier and Smoke Detector False Alarms

Sometimes we use the humidifier in my childs room the smoke/carbon detector sets off a smoke alarm. I think i have the original 1st gen Zwave First Alert Smoke Detector/Combo wireless. This never happened with my original smoke detectors that were hard wired to my house. Not sure if the 2nd gen First Alert might fix this. Very frustrating. I installed the detectors in the original locations too. Humidifier is at opposite ends of room. Unless change the 2 wireless units out and go back to hardwired with the Smoke Detector listener module instead. Or is there another manufacturer out there than First Alert thats compatable with the Ring Alarm. Thanks.

Hi @macky322. A humidifier shouldn’t be triggering the alarm on your First Alert. Have you tried removing and reinstalling the First Alert in the Ring App? If that doesn’t do the trick to fix this, I’d suggest reaching out to their support team by phone at 800-323-9005. They’ll be able to walk you through some troubleshooting steps and take a closer look at this for you. :slight_smile: