Huge background data use on Floodlight Cam Wired Plus

I have a rural property with a small house that has no Internet service. I purchased a Ring Alarm Pro to protect the house with the Protect Pro plan, which provides 3GB/Month of LTE Internet access.

I set up one Stickup Cam to get a view of the carport with great results. With moderate motion detection and hourly snapshots, the camera was using well under 1GB/month of data. So, I moved the stickup cam to the back porch and added a Floodlight Cam to the carport.

The floodlight uploads tons of data, averaging 500 MB per day! This is with motion detection never triggering, and snapshots disabled. I already scoured Ring’s support docs for the floodlight and disabled every feature that would add to data usage. The camera still burns through half a GB a day just doing nothing.

I’ve had to disable the floodlight on the network entirely to stay under my 3GB/month data cap, after two months of exceeding it and paying extra charges. I called Ring support: “We have great news for you sir! You can automatically disable the camera whenever the alarm is set to away mode!” Brilliant. The alarm is set to away mode 99% of the time - and isn’t that exactly when I want the camera to work?!

I typed this out mainly as a warning to others and to prep for my next call to Ring support, but please let me know if you have any ideas!

Hi @Prescott66. If you haven’t already, I’d also recommend trying a full reset and a new setup of your Floodlight Cam. This will also allow you to fully reset the settings and go through adjusting the motion detection and motion settings from the start once more. If this concern continues, it may require advanced troubleshooting assistance from our support team as they can see more details on your account Feel free to share with us what solution support shares with you.