How would I mount /adjust view?

Has anyone had this same view issue? Our door is more sunken in and not flush with the outside of the house so we’re seeing our house in the live view. We have a corner angle mount but it still doesn’t make a difference ( we don’t think, we haven’t tried it). It’s about 3 inches deep to our door bell from the house that sticks out, any ideas on what to do?

I hope I’m explain this right haha. TIA

So the brown stone to the left is part of your house? If so, there is not much you can do. I suppose you can try the corner bracket but that won’t really solve this situation. I take it that you want to be able to have more of a view more to the left? If so, I think the doorbell will always be limited for you. Have you thought about a floodlight or battery cam? You would not be limited to your current doorbell location and could find a spot by your front door that would offer the entire view it seems you are looking for. It would also be helpful if you posted a photo showing the front of the house and where the doorbell is right now and we might help with other location suggestions for a camera. Also, with a camera you will get a light and siren that you might like.

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Hi @Ndurand. I would also like to add that the Corner and Wedge mounts are stackable. This means you adjust the angle of your Field of View! These can be found here.