How will the Ring Car Cam affect the Electric car user

How will the Ring Car Cam affect the Electric car user?

Hi @Erichg1. Do you have any specific questions I can answer for you? If not, you can check HERE to see if you car is compatible.

For those with Electric cars or Hybrid Ring needs to make an option in the APP to allow for longer run time of the camera. Why, becuase electric/hybrid cars are different when it comes to battery usage. I have a camera hooked up to my car before I got the Car Cam and utillize both of them. My other camera never drains my battery and can stay up and running for 48 hours with hardly any power drain on my system in the car.

The electronics within the car is gonna control this and with my care it’ll start up automatically if the battery is getting too low so it can charge it.

The OTHER thing is being able to wake up the CAR CAM when needed. When it goes Offline it’s pretty useless! @Ring_Magician

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Hi @Ring_Magician. Thank you for this feedback. I suggest adding this to our Feature Request board. Thanks again!