How to watch live on PC

We purchased a Ring Pro in summer of 2019, dismayed at its poor video quality (1080) we did not sign up once our free 30 days were up. Back then we installed a app on our PC to watch live video. Events in the past weeks now have us paying for this basic service. Now it appears we can only watch video that is 30 minutes old and clicking on “live view” does nothing but bring up another video that happened hours ago.

My question, “is it possible to watch live video feed, as it happens, on my PC”? We do not want to watch video on my PC that is 2 minutes old or 12 minutes old or 47 minutes old. We want to watch live, if yes, how? I do understand I can watch live on my phone, my question is, "Can we watch live action on our PC? Thank you.

Well based on the app on my PC I believe you can NOT view live action any longer on the PC. That is a huge deal breaker for us. We will not be renewing or purchasing any more Ring products. Viewing live on a 3 1/2" phone screen is no good either. Poor quality video (1080), loses connection about every 40 seconds or so on the phone app. Poor service, despite sending two emails over the past year, none have been answered. So if I use the PC app, I can view two minutes later my Amazon package being delivered and the first porch pirate pick up the package and take it. I could have stopped this if I could view live stream on my PC. This is a terrible product!