How to view my camera live while away from home

I have connected my doorbell, but when I am away from home, I am unable to view my doorbell camera live. It only shows me what was pre-recorded. How can I take advantage of the live-feed? When I tap on “Live View”, it seems as if it’s about to connect, but then I get an error message that reads: “Live View Ended / Reconnect”. So how can I talk to someone at my door if it won’t allow me to view it live while I’m away from home?

i been having a problem with live view today ring server must be down

Mine has not worked since I purchased and connected it. It works while I’m at home, but doesn’t work for me while I am away.

I can’t view mine also, doesn’t any one know?

The biggest cause that I’ve seen is carriers throttling data or not having a data plan that allows video streaming that’s needed. Make sure your cellular plan will allow for it and make sure you’re not over the limit and bring throttled. Also make sure that power and data saving controls are off. On Android you can control these in the app permissions so you don’t have to change it system wide.

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From other member, set DATA SAVER to OFF in Data usage option. It works.

Do you know where I go to set this? It’s not easy to navigate through.

For Samsung phone S10

Settings -> Connections -> Data usage -> Data saver -> off

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I changed my data usage and it still wont work. Only works while on my wifi

I have a new ring 4 doorbell and I too cannot get it to work/notify me when I’m out - did you solve this issue as it’s a bit of a pointless thing if it doesn’t work when I need it to :frowning: