How to Uninstall Ring 2

How to physically remove Video Doorbell 2 with battery. Can’t find anything. I’m moving it from a vacant house to my existing house. Found several articles and posts but they don’t actually say How to take it off. I have a doorbell 3 at my existing house and will be putting up the Ring2 somewhere on it. I printed out the Moving Guidelines. Looks simple enough to reinstall at a new location.

I don’t have to turn off the power do I, if it is only a battery right?

Hi @RockyDog. If your Doorbell 2 is not hardwired and not connected to any wires, you do not have to shut the power off at your home to remove it from the wall. You have to just remove the faceplate and remove the four screws that hold the Doorbell in its mounted location. You can use the video in this Help Center article here for reference to see where the four screws would be on your Doorbell. I hope this helps.