How to turn off Ring app auto view

Hi everyone really need some help on this one. When on the ring app I can’t watch stored video or make adjustments because as soon as there is motion on one of our 12 cams it brings it up automatically. This just started when I added 3 mores cams to the system. How do I turn this feature off? Thanks for any help you can provide

Hello @Steveelite ,

Try going to the Main Menu (the 3 horizontal line icon, upper-left-corner of Dashboard) > Devices > select your camera(s) > select Device Settings (the blue Gear icon) > Video Settings > You should toggle, and then re-toggle this OFF, the “Tap Camera Preview for Live View”, even if your App currently displays that this is OFF on your cameras.

I don’t know if it is a coincidence or not, but I do suspect it may have something to do with the Ring Servers “outage” on September 30th. This might also just happen to coincide with the same time-frame when you added 3 mores cams to the system (but I don’t believe it was caused by you additional cameras). , OR, you can use your Ring App and check “Device Health” and scroll & select “Ring System Status.”

So apparently the Ring technicians were ‘fixing’ the main Ring computer servers at about the time many of these weird issues started. Many previous notifications that were stored in the Ring Servers probably started pouring out after the ‘fix.’ Also many devices were adversely impacted or devices are acting contrary to displayed Ring Apps settings. I read post where people had to reset their devices afterwards to stop the continuing weird behavior. I’ve been reading posts across several of the Community forum rooms, and there was a surge of weird malfunctions that included Doorbells ringing randomly, Chimes & Chime Pro’s sounding, camera video recording malfunctions, Motion detection are acting differently than settings on the App, Notifications being ‘push’ to their App even when toggled off, and periods of no video or snapshots recorded, etc.

Also, because your Ring App settings are not stored in your phone, but actually are stored in the affected Ring Servers under your Ring email account, and in order to correct the issues, myself and some other people had to " re-send" the stored settings back to the Ring Server, by ‘toggling’ ON and then back OFF (or vice-a-versa) and changing settings and then changing them back, even though the App still might display the last known correct preference settings,. Sounds like it probably would be something for you to try, cycling your App settings to a different setting, and then back to your preferred setting (like the toggling on your “Recording”, and “Ring Alerts”, and “Motion Alerts”, and “Camera Preview for Live View”).

A quick summary of what has worked for others, you should try some, or all of these :

  • Regardless of what settings are displayed on your App, try cycling/changing your settings and some of the motion settings that aren’t performing in accordance with the displayed setting, to a different setting, and then changing the setting back to what you had prior to September 30th. This ‘resends’ your stored Ring 'Cloud" settings again to the Ring servers. If this doesn’t work for you, un-install the App, cycle your mobile Off and then back On, and then re-install the App.
  • If a particular device is acting strange, then try briefly removing power from the Device (plug it from the mains, remove the battery)
  • In some cases, you might need to perform a reset by tapping the reset button.
  • If normal reset still doesn’t help, perform a Factory reset (press and hold the reset button > 20-seconds and complete the setup instructions

And then, if using the procedures that helped others with their devices that are still affected by the September fixes to the Ring servers and this all doesn’t correct your issue, I would telephone Ring Support for help:

Unfortunately, due to the Covid-19, their available hours have been changed also:

I hope this information is helpful :slight_smile:

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