How to turn off all notifications on my phone but leave enabled for other shared users on the account?

I am the master account holder for our ring system. I have invited several employees to our account as users. I would like to mute all notifications (cameras, doorbell, door sensors, etc.) on my phone but make sure that the employees who are on-site still have access to them. I can’t figure out how to do this.

The only notification that I want to leave enabled on my phone is if the alarm goes off.


hello to answer your question just simply go to settings notifications and turn off for ring

Hi @Jaser64094. Shared Users will have their own access to toggle Motion and Ring Alerts on and off. Rest assured they can’t adjust device settings, only the alerts. If you do not wish to receive these alerts, you can toggle them off in the Ring app for each device, while the Shared Users can leave those alerts toggled on. I hope this helps!