How to troubleshoot video black, audio continues to record?

I have a mix of indoor cams, stick up cams, spotlight cams in the home. Total of 9 devices. RSSI are all less than -50 (worst is -48) Wi-Fi is a tplink x90 mesh. 2.4 and 5ghz are all clear and does not have interference. I’m on spectrum. Internet is gig down 50 up from spectrum (wish I had fiber symmetric). I get dropped and frozen videos from a lot of the cameras, and they happen unpredictably, but the thing is audio continues to record!! So far I’ve not been able to figure out a pattern or symptom. Just some video is frozen, black screen, audio still seems to record, but the video is lost. Any idea how to troubleshoot? I’m no network newb, but getting frustrated with the lack of actual ways to troubleshoot this issue… hope someone can help shed some light, eg. should I call ring support and ask for the be replaced?

one practical example i encountered recently
the camera at the outdoor gate (stick up cam) is the one with RSSI -48, and it sometimes drops video (but continues to record audio), whereas the one in the garage (indoor cam) has RSSI -28 and sometimes drops video too… this happens unpredictably… just yesterday, the spotlight cam (RSSI -40) dropped video. It’s been super frustrating…

Thanks in advanced!

Hi @jericho. Checking the RSSi on each device is a good first step to establish whether each device is receiving a strong signal or not. Those RSSI numbers are within a good range, so this concern of black video or the video being frozen could be due to another cause. Try checking the ports and protocols used by Ring devices and ensure they’re open on your network.

Another step you can try is to create a guest network using only the 2.4GHz network for your Ring devices to be on. Some neighbors with dual-band routers have tried this and had some success. Even Ring devices that are compatible with 5.0GHz networks may have a more stable connection with 2.4GHz as it has a farther effective range.