How to Troubleshoot Ring Notifications on iOS and Android Devices

If Ring notifications sent to your Apple iOS or Android device are delayed, or if you aren’t receiving them at all, try the tips below to resolve these issues.

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Reboot Your Mobile Device

Turn your mobile device completely off. Wait at least 30 seconds and then turn it on again.

Check Your Wifi and Cellular Data

If the wifi connection or cellular data on your mobile device is weak or unstable, this can cause notifications to be delayed. Ensure the signal to your mobile device is stable and test both your wifi network and your cellular data.

Be Sure Your Notifications are Enabled and Your Ring Device is Online

You won’t get any notifications if you’re not connected to wifi. You can check to make sure your Ring device is online by going to the Device Health page in the Ring App.

How to enable notifications and view the Device Health page:
  • Tap the three lines on the top left
  • Tap Devices
    • Tap the device you want to check
      • You’ll then be on your Device Dashboard
        • Make sure your Ring Alerts , Motion Detection and Motion Alerts are toggled on (blue)
  • To check your wifi connection tap Device Health
    • Under Network, you’ll see your Signal Strength RSSI number
      • If your Signal Strength is in red, tap the question mark icon to find some additional troubleshooting steps.

Notification Settings and Different Mobile Devices

If you activate notifications on your mobile phone, they will not be automatically activated on your tablet. You have to manually designate your notification settings on each mobile device connected to your Ring account.

Check the Notification Center on Your iOS Device

If you’re on an iOS device, make sure the “Do Not Disturb” feature isn’t turned on. To change this setting, open the Control Center by pulling up the shortcut menu from the bottom of the home screen, and tap the moon icon to disable it. You can test your device by pressing the doorbell button or triggering a Motion Alert. Repeat these steps on any other iOS device that’s not receiving alerts.

Check Application Settings

You may need to access your application settings to activate notifications.

Android Settings

There are two ways to access this menu from Android devices. You can either drag the Ring app icon to the App Info icon in your home screen, or you can open up your Phone Settings; in Phone Settings, locate your Application Manager (depending on your device, this may simply be called Applications), then find and select the Ring app.

In your application settings, check the box labeled “Show Notifications” to enable alerts and make sure that your App notifications are set as “Priority.” If the “Show Notifications” box was already checked, but you still aren’t receiving alerts, uncheck the box, hit “OK,” then recheck the box; lastly, clear the cache within your app settings, and test your device by pressing the doorbell button or triggering the motion sensors.

iOS Settings

On iOS devices, you can access notification settings by going to the Settings app and selecting Notifications. Scroll down the list of apps then find and select the Ring app. Here you can customize what type of notifications you receive from the Ring app, including sounds, badges, and banners. Ensure that the “Allow Notifications” toggle is toggled on, and then adjust the notification settings to your preference.

Clear Your Data

If you’re still not receiving notifications, you’ll need to return to your application settings to clear your data. Once it’s cleared, return to your Ring app and log back in, then test your doorbell and motion sensors to see if alerts are activated.

Reset Your Ring App

If you still have issues, you may need to reset your Ring app. Do this by deleting the app from your device. Then, go to the Google Play store or the Apple App store, find the Ring app and reinstall it. You won’t have to set up your devices again, simply log back in and all of your devices will still be installed.

Mobile Device Compatibility and the Ring App

Make sure your mobile device is still compatible with the Ring app. You can check out our Help Center Article here for more information on ensuring that your mobile device and the Ring app are fully updated and compatible.

Can you tell how devices are logged into the app?

Hi @PeaceSt. You can find this information in the Control Center Menu on your Ring app.

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I stopped getting Android notifications on a Galaxy S9+, and found this worked: I went to Setttings, Apps… chose the Ring App, then “force stop” and then “Storage”, then “Clear Cache”. Restart the Ring App, notifications now work.



I’ve done all the troubleshooting in this post but I’m still not getting notifications for ring alerts. I get notifications for motion detection (albeit delayed) but if I don’t get notifications when someone rings the doorbell it defeats the purpose of having the device.

Are you able to offer any further advice?


Hi @bentro. If you have tried all the steps mentioned in this post and are still having the same concern, give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here for further assistance. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.

Hi @Justin_Ring. So I’ve solved the problem and it turns out it’s nothing to do with Ring. Notifications wouldn’t come through when on WiFi so I did some searching and found that other people with this issue had to turn on their adult content filter in order for notifications to work. I did the same and I’m now getting notifications.

It’s all very odd, and no one seems to know why, but I thought it was worth mentioning in case anyone else comes across this thread with the same issue I had.

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@bentro. Thank you for sharing! I hope this helps other neighbors with the same concern. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi Bentro

Do you have a Iphone or android phone?

If it is an iphone can you post some screenshots where and what to turn on/off please? :slightly_smiling_face::pray:t2:

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I’ve been on calls with ring troubleshooting, they had me de/re install, that worked for about 3 hours. Also forced stop worked. We use this for remote monitoring, elder care. So when they ask us to try creating an alert to test a fix it was impossible, we had to wait for motion. A feature suggestion, add the ability to through the app or browser, trigger a simulated motion alert so help desk testing can continue