How to troubleshoot Ring Doorbell Pro not working with existing mechanical chime?

I could never got my mechanical chime to work with the Doorbell Pro. Any help in diagnosing is appreciated.

You probably already resolved this, so for discovery sake of future readers I’ll reply anyway. I separately posted a similar topic stating that the Pro Power Kit that Ring provides, at least with the Ring Pro 2, may not be needed at all. In fact, for me removing it, even though instructions guided me to install it, is what finally enabled my indoor mechanical chime to work with the Ring Pro 2 doorbell.

Hey @guyho. Thanks for sharing what worked for you! To clarify, the Pro Power Kit is required when installing the Doorbell Pro 2 in most situations. There are some cases, depending on which chime kit is being used, where the Pro Power Kit would not be installed. However, this should only be done with the instruction of our support team. If any neighbors coming to this thread are curious about which chime kits are compatible with the Doorbell Pro 2, you can reference the Chime Kit Compatibility List to verify if your chime kit will work. :slight_smile:

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