How To: Test Device Wifi Speed

Testing your Wifi Connection

Before installing, we suggest running a wifi test to ensure you receive a strong connection for optimal performance. This article will explain how to test your speeds and go into a bit more detail on the importance of your wifi connection.

To test your wifi signal strength, please visit on a mobile device that is connected only to your wifi (make sure data is disabled on your mobile device for this test). It is best to run two tests in two locations for accurate results, as wifi often fluctuates.

While running the test, keep a record of the download, upload, and ping results. Note: While testing the speeds close any doors leading to this location (front door, garage door, ect.) This way, it imitates the speeds when your device stands alone i.e using same interference when nobody is home. From there:

  • Run two tests by the router.
  • Run two tests where your Ring device is, or will be, located.

The download/upload should meet or exceed product requirements in all four speed tests. The Ping should be below 60 ms near the router, and below 100 ms at the mounting location. Be sure to check out to learn more about specifc Internet requirements for your device.