How to: Switch Alarm to Self Monitoring

Can I switch my Ring Alarm to self monitoring for a few days and then back to professional?

Yes, you can! You’re able to control this via the Ring app. Follow the instructions below:


Open Ring App > Choose Ring Alarm from the top dashboard menu > tap Settings > select Monitoring > Change monitoring type from “Self” to “Professional” or “Professional” to “Self”.

Once you’ve signed up for professional monitoring you can switch from self-monitored back to professional monitoring at any time without going through the sign-up process. (But if you move and then switch back over to professional monitoring, you’ll need to make sure you update your address and check on your permit requirements.)

Please note, this will not affect your subscription. You will continue to pay for professional monitoring, even if you switch to self-monitoring. While in self-monitoring mode, you can continue to enjoy the other Ring Protect Plus benefits, including video storage, discounts at, cellular backup for your Base Station, and extended warranties on Ring products.

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