How to stop fire alarm with keypad

I have two First Alert fire and CO alarms connected to my ring security system. I know that I cannot disarm it with my phone or tablet. My problem is sometimes my dad will be home alone and I know he will want to use the keypad to disarm it. He isn’t as tech savvy. I can’t find directions on how to disarm it using the keypad. I’d love a how to so that I can help my dad.


Hey @dreamiz2. Putting in the 4 digit code for the Keypad and then hitting the Disarm button should Disarm the alarming event that your Base Station is registering. Then, you will normally need to silence the Smoke/Co Alarm itself, which is the button at the top of the physical Alarm. Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

I couldn’t find any official documentation on how to disarm a smoke alarm from the keypad. I was cooking and set off the alarm. We have a keypad just outside the kitchen so I entered the code and pressed disarm but the alarm continued to sound. I finally ran upstairs to get my phone which was on the charger and was able to disarm it using that. Unfortunately by that time the fire department was already on the way.

You would think it could be disarmed via the keypad but it seems that doesn’t work or should it?

We need a more definitive answer than “should Disarm”.

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Hello @DrZWave ,

I recently had my garage First Alert Z-wave Smoke/CO Detector go off accidentally when my workshop project produced a lot of smoke. I too used the keypad to disarm the alarming event of my Ring Base Station, but my first attempt did not work, and I believe it might have been due to my rushed entering of an incorrect code during the excitement. My second attempt on the keypad was successful.

But my main point that I wanted to make clear is that if you have the Ring Protect “Plus” Plan with the Ring Professional Monitoring, their protocol is that once the Smoke Detector causes the Ring Alarm Base Station to have an alarming event, simply Disarming the Ring Alarm Base Station (by keypad or app) will not stop the Professional Monitoring team from reacting.

If triggered by Fire/Smoke detection, the Professional Monitoring FIRST calls your first Emergency Contact phone, and if this primary contact does not answer THEN they call the Fire Department, in that order. After dispatching the Fire Response Team, then the Professional Monitoring will call your second & third Emergency Contacts. The intent is to get the Fire truck moving fast because “Time is of the essence” since your house maybe burning.

The only way to prevent Professional Monitoring calling the Fire Department is when they call the first primary contact number, and that person says it’s a false alarm and gives them the correct Verbal Password.

For Fire/Smoke/Burglar alarms, whenever the Professional Monitoring successfully reaches any of your listed Emergency Contact numbers (or if you call them back if you missed their call to you) with the correct Verbal Password, you can cancel this emergency, and Professional Monitoring can again call the Emergency Response Teams IF they already dispatched them.

So if your Fire/Smoke detector triggers your Ring Alarm Base Station ever again, disarm the base station and be ready to receive the call from Professional Monitoring. I hope you find this information helpful. :smiley:

Below is a link to a previous post I wrote, that goes in much more detail on all alarm protocols and includes additional information that you may find useful.

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