How to stop app from launching

If I’m using my phone and a ring notification happens, the ring app automatically launches and opens. Tell me how to stop this! I can not find it in settings. Running on Android.

Hey @Listentoyourmom, are you selecting the notification, or it pulls up automatically without any prompt from you? What kind of Android phone do you have? This sounds like a feature your phone is utilizing. For example, the S8 has this issue with Smart Relay, which some users turned off to avoid the apps automatically opening when on their phone.

It automatically opens without a prompt.

I’m using a note 9.

@Listentoyourmom After a quick search, I found this Help Article from Samsung here! Please check it out and let me know if this fixes your concern. It looks like it still is something in regards to Smart Relay, so I recommend adjusting this setting in your phone’s settings. :slight_smile:

Smart relay does not appear to be a setting on my phone. I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 20 and experiencing this issue. I’ve found in Google Wearable > Notifications > Auto Open Apps on Phone. This was set to ON. Each time I got a notification and lifted up my phone, it would auto-open any app that receives a notification.

The info for the setting states “When you get a notification on your watch, open the corresponding app on your phone automatically when you pick it up.”

I have since set it to OFF. Hope this helps!

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Thanks for this information @NHEY!