How to stop all recording on Ring Pro

Have a Ring Pro it is working great, but I would like to be able to stop all recording from time to time. Cant find out how to do that. I turned off motion alerts and unchecked active zone.

Hi @Dalsn1, this is currently the best way to stop Motion Events from occurring. I will let the team know that this is a feature you would like to see for your device. Thank you for being a great neighbor!

I think you did it correctly. If you uncheck the active zones it shouldn’t enable motion based recording.

Not sure if this is a good idea to stop all recording from a Ring Pro, but here goes:

If your router has the ability to disconnect/block a particular WiFi connection (e.g. the Ring Pro’s connection) that might stop it from recording. My router has a mobile app that can do those kind of things.
I’ve also assigned a fixed IP address for my Ring Pro device.

The router also supports macros (also IFTTT and Alexa) so I might be able to connect/disconnect by time of day or other events.