How to stop accidental siren

Newbie forgot about motion detector and set off alarm. Fortunately I am in practice mode.
I couldn’t figure out how to stop the siren. Punched in my code and began hitting disarm button but no luck. Got a call but there was no way to hear anything over the siren. Finally after frantic pushing of buttons the thing stopped but I have no idea what I did, adrenaline was flowing. I see all sorts of info on settings for alarms but can’t find anything about what to do after you have triggered a false alarm.

Hi @Carvin. Whenever the alarm is triggered, all you have to do is disarm it. You can do this either view the Keypad or through the Ring App. When disarming it on the Keypad, you’ll just need to enter in your 4 digit passcode and then press the Disarmed button. In the Ring App, you’ll see the Home, Away, and Disarmed buttons at the top of the screen and you just need to tap the mode you wish to put the alarm in. You can find these steps listed out in our Help Center Article here as well. I hope this information is helpful. :slight_smile: