How to start Echo Guard when keypad used to arm?

Is there a way to have Echo Guard set to Away when I arm the Ring Alarm via a keypad? And conversely set to Home when I disarm via the keypad?

If I tell Alexa to arm ring away both are set properly, but then disarming becomes tricky and you need to open the app to set Echo Guard to home.

Hi @JayinNJ. Have you tried arming and disarming the system via the Ring App? With Alexa Guard set up, it should automatically change when you change the mode in the Ring App. You can read more about how to ensure this is linked up properly in our Help Center Article here. I hope that helps! :slight_smile:

Yes that works fine but it should also work with the keypad since when you come home you disarm with the keypad but then alexa guard is still guarding.

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