How to slow down video playback

How to slow down the ring (playback) recordings outside of the notifications, and live view? We had someone steal a vehicle early this morning, but we did not get notifed of activity due to the location of the cameras. However, we are not able to slow down the feed to capture the car pulling out of the driveway, or even someone walking up.

At this point I just want to slow the feed down so I can see when/where the individual walked up to the car, from which direction, and when he/she pulled out. Right now I can only slow it down enough to tell when the car was there, and a minute or so later when it was gone from our driveway.

Thank you kindly!

Hey @jmostrow. Are you viewing this from the Timeline view? You will be unable to slow down the Timeline playback or any Event History playback in the Ring app, and instead will have to download the videos and use another software/app/program to slow down the video playback. It sounds like you’re viewing these from the Timeline feature, which will play events back to back. With this in mind, it sounds like you have some time in between these two events were motion wasn’t recorded.

This is really stupid! No reason why Ring app cannot be updated to have this slow down feature. So if someone like a car comes in and out really fast, ring won’t catch it…then after paying so much money for camera and professional monitoring, the owners have to do download the whole video to external (paid?) software to investigate the video? Common, please make this slow down feature a priority. I’m sure many Ring owners have already been requesting such a basic feature!