How to setup doorbell on 2nd story

I recently moved and my new place is on the second floor. I have tried multiple ways to set up the ring so I don’t get constant motion notifications from the street or from the parking alley. I have the motion zone set so the blue area is not even off my porch, but I still get notifications when cars drive by. Any help is greatly appreciated.

We’re here to help, @BreDawn! A second story mounting scenario may not work as intended for the Video Doorbell. Reason being is the mounting requirement of 48 inches off the ground. This positioning is most important for motion detection. Check out our help center article about Video Doorbell positioning, for a visual of the motion detection field of view. In most cases, when a Doorbell is mounted higher than 48 inches or at the top of stairs, we recommend using a wedge kit to angle it downwards.

As an alternative, our Camera devices have a much larger field of view and more mounting adjustment options than the Doorbells. :slight_smile: