How To Schedule Z-Wave Lights

Where in the app can I schedule the turning on and off of my Z-wave dimmer switches I have added to and are working in the Ring Alarm controller?



I could not find this functionality through the ring app either. However, I was able to set a routine through the Amazon Alexa app to do exactly what I was looking to do.

Hope this helps!

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Oh my gosh - that was the perfect answer, the Alexa app totally works to schedule z-wave switches controlled by the ring app. This is true even if you set Alexa to not listen for commands and even if you have the microphone access shut off. Just connect the Ring “skill” in the Alexa app and use the app to program the schedule you want. I’ve been wondering why Ring didnt add that functionality to the Ring app - it’s because they built it all out in the Alexa app.