How to retrieve old footage

I am trying to retrieve footage from Monday June 15th and Tuesday June 16th due to an incident that occured. There is footage saved from that day on my plan but ONLY live motion footage. For example, I can see 10 second snapshots of the entire day today, through the past week. So, I can slowly move the toggle to see the whole day from the last 7 days. However, I can no longer do this on the days that I am trying to review the footage for. Does this make sense? Cna anyone help me?

Hey @ekwhitey. As detailed in our Help Center Article here, snapshots will be stored in the cloud for seven days. After that they are automatically deleted. This will not affect any of your motion events or Live Views, as you have seen in your Timeline when viewing these days that are more than 7 days old. You will need to ensure you are saving any Snapshots you may need before the 7 day expiration. Once deleted, the previously available Snapshots are inaccessible and cannot be retrieved.

Then why does ring say everywhere that recordings are stored for 60 days?

Hi @Thebeesknees, happy to chime in here. That is for recorded events such as motions, dings, and Live Views and not for Snapshot Captures. Please note that you must have a valid Ring Protect plan subscription in order to have your videos saved for 60 days in the Ring App. You can read more in our Help Center Article here. I hope that helps clear things up! :slight_smile: