How to remove the invitation screen of joining the ring neighborhoods

I help a friend to buy and install a ring video doorbell 2 several months ago. Recently, she told me that she found the invitation screen of joining the ring neighborhoods is popped out whenever there is a ring or motion alert. I know it is the invitation to create an account or to key-in user password to join the ring neighborhood. Unfortunately, she doesn’t want to join the neighborhoods and also there is no option in the screen for user to select for not joining the neighborhoods.

Does anyone know what to do in the Ring App in order for not popping up this screen again whenever there is a ring or motion alert, or remove the invitation screen when open the ring app?


Hi @4bay. My apologizes that I’m a little unfamiliar with what she is running into. Could you please have her take a screenshot of this message, or even a screen recording would help explain what she is running into! :slight_smile:

I have attached the the invitation screen as the attached jpg file. Hope, it would help.


@4bay This is not the invitation screen, but the log in screen. It seems like your friend is unable to log into their account, maybe? If so, please have them reach out to our support team. This will be the welcome page when you first download the app, but they will need to log in and stay logged in to have full accessibility.

Hi Chelsea,

I thought it’s used to log into the ring neighborhood. From what you said, it is the log in screen to log into the ring app, is it correct? My friend doesn’t want to log into the ring neighborhood, but fine to log into the ring app for live view, review history, setup etc.


@4bay Yep, that is the log in for the Ring app! It is exactly the same home screen I have on my Ring app if I log out. Within the Ring app will be a Neighbors section in the dashboard (small tile) and a section for it in the Main Menu, which may confuse your friend. Have them just ignore these areas and use all other functions of the Ring app. They can also confirm that they have the Ring app installed, as when they go to the main section before they click the app it will say “Ring” for the name, and “Neighbors” for the name if it is the Neighbors app.