How to remove faceplate on Doorbell Pro?

How do I remove the faceplate. I need to change my router and it is my understanding that I need to remove the faceplate to do this. However the ring tool does not seem to catch on anything. I have not forced it, but stuck it in the hole on bottom and felt around trying to turn it but I don’t feel it catching on anything. I ordered another ring tool on Amazon ( Ring Screwdriver Replacement,TEKPRE), which is flagged as Amazon’s Choice, but neither end of it works either. I tried on both of my doorbell pros. Tried a Phillips screwdriver, #1 & #00. I can’t see through the hole enough to identify anything. How do I get in?

Note: These forums do not work on iPad. I cannot see the text of my subject line in the editor. Requesting the Desktop site doesn’t help either. I have no idea what I’m posting.

Hey @simsrw73. With the provided Ring screwdriver, have you tried both sides of the included one? If you take out the metal from the screwdriver and flip it over, this may help, as one of the sides is the side that helps remove the security screw. If you do not have this screwdriver, I recommend reaching out directly to our support team or a replacement one. In the event you have the correct one after all but the screwdriver continuously “spins” despite fitting, it may be that the screw is stripped from other times/attempts, in which you should definitely ensure you talk to our support team to follow up on. You can try quick tricks like putting a rubber-band in-between the metal and the screw, as this helps with stripped screws, but our support team will be able to troubleshoot with you directly to ensure you are taken care of in the one go. :slight_smile: If you need to, please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here.