How to remove a sensor from the baseplate?

I have a contact sensor which I screwed to a door. I now want to relocate the sensor. When installing, I screwed in the baseplates for the sensor and the magnet, then “clicked” the sensor and magent on the baseplate. When they click in there are plastic tabs on the backside. How do I get the sensor and magnet off the baseplate now? And . . . I have the same question for the motion sensor, how do you get it off the install bracket if you want to relocate it?

Excellent questions @Brad ! For the contact sensor, if you take the cover off you’ll see a small plastic square that locks the sensor to the mounting bracket. If you push that little square in, you can slide the sensor off the mounting bracket. The magnet for the sensor just clips on, so if you twist it to the side, it should pop off the bracket.

As for the Motion Detector, simply push in and slide off the bracket. Hope this helps! :slight_smile: