How to reduce the motion zones even more to reduce alerts

My new wireless Ring doorbell 4 is adequate distance from the pavement. I have set the motion zones to the minimum but still get alerts as someone passes by. The app won’t allow me to reduce the zones any more. Is there something else I can do/I don’t know of? If not can Ring pls fix the app to allow users to set their own zones and not be limited by the zones in the app?

Hi @user65130. Try walking through a new setup in the Ring app using the steps under Set Up a Device. This will allow you to start fresh with the motion settings. Adjust your Motion Zones to the areas you want to be notified about motion in, and make sure to change the Motion Sensitivity and Motion Frequency as needed as well. If you have steps leading up to your front door area, you may also consider using a Wedge Kit to angle the Doorbell’s view down slightly.