How to recover video files from a security camera from an SD card?

Good afternoon! I had an unpleasant incident. My samsung 64 gb sd card from my CCTV camera is not working. There was important material on it. The card is not displayed in the camera itself. If you connect the card to a computer, the system says the card is damaged and needs to be formatted.

After a bit of googling, I realised that special programmes were needed to restore it. I even tried a few, but didn’t get the desired result …

Does anyone know how to help me?

Hi @KEIZ. Can you share what specific model camera you have? Are you also using the Ring Alarm Pro? What “special programmes” are you referring too? It doesn’t sound like you are dealing with a Ring product here. Can you please clarify so we can best assist you. Thanks, neighbor!

do not use ring alarm pro to store videos on microSD card. they are always encrypted and very difficult to download in batch. they are not cloud stored at all.