How to record mouse movement? Video not triggering

Hello. I need to see the wanderings of a mouse that is visiting indoors almost every night eating from a bag of flour and avoiding our traps. I spotted the critter in the 30 second snapshots but video recording didn’t activate even though I set motion sensitivity on high for our Stickup Cam I bought last week.

Is this device incapable of detecting mice movements? Three Snapshots attached where the sneaky little rodent can be spotted.


Hi @Tapper. This unwanted visitor appears to be pretty small, and may be darting across the Camera’s view quickly. That could make it difficult for the motion detection to reliably capture this little rodent. You could try playing around with your Motion Zones a bit, as well as adjusting the Motion Frequency if you have a battery powered Camera. Another thing you can try is to change the placement and angle of your Stick Up Cam to see if that helps.