How to reconnect doorbell?

I’m renting a house that has ring products installed. The doorbell, unfortunately, died back in September and I didn’t have the tools to remove it from the base. Well, I just removed it and charged it last night. I tried to set it back on the base today and the app will not recognize that it’s been charged. I tried ringing the doorbell several times. It works, so the battery has obviously charged. It doesn’t seem to want to reconnect to the internet though. I’ve tried troubleshooting through the app, but it refuses to connect. What else can I do without asking my landlord to remove the device and set it back up again?

Hey there, @Afrancis21! Normally when a device is offline for quite some time, it may need to be manually reconnected to the Internet. This can be done from Devices > Device Health > Reconnect/Change WiFi network. If your landlord is the owner on the device, you will be unable to see this, and will need to reach out to them do this for you. I hope this helps! :smiley_cat: