How to re-establish connection?

I bought two water sensors, three door sensors, and one Z-wave extender. They all went offline. Is there a way to re-establish connection without factory reset them? It seems that Ring devices are very succeptable power interruptions. Whenever we have power outage, the devices would have difficulty reconnecting. I’m gettig frustrated with these devices. I’m considering adding more Ring devices but with these issues, I’m thinking twice.

Hey @charlieLauj. As long as the Base Station is connected to your home wifi network and receiving constant power, it should be able to connect to your devices without them going offline. In the event that you have a power outage, and the Base Station has kicked itself into battery backup, it will not be communicating as often as it would if it was still constantly receiving power. For the devices itself, they need to ensure that they still have power as well. For the Range Extender, as it is in plugged into the wall, if it is not receiving power anymore, it will fall offline after some time. Normally, you will need to just unplug/replug in the device after the power is restored, but if it has been offline for quite some time, this is where you may need to remove/re-add or reset the device to get it back online.

For your other battery operated Ring Alarm devices, they should be able to stay online or come back online and talk with the Base Station as long as the Base Station is still on battery backup and connected to your wifi. If at any point your Base Station is offline and is offline for awhile, this could result in you needed to reconnect the devices connected to the Base unit. Hope this helps clear it up for you! :slight_smile:

The base station is using Etherne cable and plugged in all the time besides the power interruptions which occurs two-three times a year. Even if the power is back, none of my devices are reconnected. Besides the range extender, which I have to delete/re-add, what do I do if they’re not connected? It keeps showing offline. I can see it shows the battery at 100%.

@charlieLauj If the devices at any time are showing offline in your app, as long as the Base Station is online, I recommend bringing the device near the Base Station and then power cycling it. Normally, this will cause the sensor to send out a signal, and since it will be right next to the Base Station when you do this, it should pick it up! For the power cycle, it will depend on the device of course. Any device with a battery you can take out, just simply take the battery out, wait a few moments, and put the battery back in. If you see the device “flashing,” you know it is communicating and sending out it’s signal to say like “Hey, I’m here! Bring me back online!” For the keypad, you will press and release a pin or something small enough into the tiny holy on the back of the panel. For the Range Extender, it would be as simple as plugging it in near an outlet by the Base Station.

What I would recommend is to try doing that, and if that simple step doesn’t immediately fix it, call up our Ring Alarm team over the phone. From there, they can take a deeper look into your account at the time that it is happening to see why the devices may not be easily picked up anymore. This will help ensure that you are troubleshooting with our advanced reps so that the next time your power goes out, you shouldn’t even have to go through any of these steps! :slight_smile: