How to protect the sensor from damage

I had a PIR lamp covering my garage area at the back of the house but criminal wannabes tried to break the sensor. Thankfully they failed to stop it working but the light is now on all of the time rather than off!

I want to add a hard-wired security camera to my current ring system as a replacement but want to protect the unit since installing and, if they break it, replacing a Ring security alarm is going to be a costly exercise.

Is there any kind of cage that I can put over the sensor? One that won’t affect its ability to sense? Anyone else solved this problem?

Hi @Parthe. Putting any type of cover or case on your Ring device that uses PIR is going to negatively impact how that device operates. A great feature that we’ve included is Motion Warning. This feature enables the device to let intruders know they are being recorded and hopefully deter them from causing an issue. You can learn more about this feature here.

Thanks for the response Tom. Sadly that says “Only for the US” and I live in the UK.

I appreciate the issues of blocking IR, I was contemplating something like chicken wire but I have no experience at all.

If I went for the smore expensive ecurity camera that uses radar, would that be any better do you think?

Hi @Parthe, chiming in for Tom here. Would you mind clarifying what you mean when you’re asking if a different Security Camera model would be better? Are you asking about specific features, or if it would perform better with some sort of DIY cover that you would add on?

Hi Caitlyn,

As an example I came across a page desribing the differences bewtween the Ring Floodlight Cam Pro & Plus. In there it says that the Pro “comes with radar-powered 3D Motion Detection” which reads like it’s different from the Plus version, although to be fair the page doesn’t actually say how the Plus detects people.

Given that you don’t sell any kind of cover for it I am certainly going to have to consider a DIY covre of some kind, or some other way of protecting the sensor from vandalism.

@Parthe The 3D Motion Detection on the Floodlight Cam Wired Pro is what powers the Bird’s Eye View feature, which you can read about here. It can help the motion detection be a bit more accurate in dark or low light conditions. I can’t speak to how effective any DIY cover would be or how it might impact the motion detection on your device.