How to pay in Canadian Dollar while purchasing Ring products


I am trying to purchase a [Alarm Security Kit, 14-Piece (for 2nd Generation)]( but when I am going to the cart, it is showing the amount in USD. This issue seems to be only for Canada. When I tried to select other countries, its allowing to pay in respective country's currency (for instance when I select UK, its showing in price in Pounds). 

Could you please let me know how to pay the money in CAD instead of USD while buying security kit?



Hi @nikhil. Products purchased on our website will be shipped from the US to Canada and purchased in USD. Any conversions to CAD will occur on your financial institution’s end rather than on our end directly. I hope that helps answer your question! :slight_smile:

Aah!!! That’s bad… Its bit pity that Ring was able to create some of the innovative products in Home security but could not implement payment processing for Canadians in CAD in their website!

      Hope it will come soon in RIng payment system. On a lighter note, Ring's sister concern may be able to give some tips about how to implement Payment system in CAD :D  :P