How to pass over device

Greetings everybody
The owner of the property I work for, gave me the rights (shared through rind device) to check the property through the three security cameras he has.
Unfortunately one of the devices wasn’t working and I had to reinstall it scanning the QR code
No I have two sets of devices one of which I share with the owner who also has a subscription plan and the other set is a unique camera that I only myself operate and it’s not included in any plan
Is it possible to hunt him over the device that I have installed? He couldn’t do it himself because he lives in another area

Hi @Geodim. If you want to use the other person’s Protection Plan that they already had on the Camera, they will have to take back ownership of the Camera. To do so, you will have to remove the Camera from your account and then set it up on the account with the Protection Plan. You can also just start a new Protection Plan on your account for the Camera and have the other person cancel their Plan. You can subscribe to and cancel Plans by logging into your account. I hope this helps.

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