how to override motion stop

I want to override the motion stop for a un-wire ring doorbell. Mine only records for 20 seconds. How do I do it?

Agreed, this is a MUST ADD feature.

If motion is happening, I need my rings to continue recording. We MUST be able to override this feature and allow for longer/continuous recording, if there is longer/continous motion.

If I am a thief, I can cause some motion to trigger the camera, then wait 20 seconds, and casually walk through the field of vision of the camera confident I am not being recorded.

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Hey neighbors! Although the videos cannot record continuously for a longer timeframe, you can set your Motion Frequency to frequent, which will allow the device to record as long as it is continuing to detect motion. The way it will work is if it records an event, if it is still detecting motion when the event is over, it will trigger another recording. You can learn more about this in our Ring Help Center Article here. :smiley_cat:

I think the answer in that link you supplied is WRONG. The frequent and light setting explinations are backwards or at least that’s what the setting screen shows on my ring app sensativity setup.