How to open Spotlight Cam Battery Plus battery compartment with solar panel plugged in, no button to push?

Normally, instructions are to push the white button at the back of the camera to open the battery comparment, then pull the door down to then pull out the batteries. But I have the small solar panel plugged in where the button was, so there’s no button to push anymore. How do I get to the batteries, which are nearly empty despite the solar panel?

(winter in Pacific Northwest might be why at least one of the 2 batteries needs to be recharged)

Hi @Earther. Cold weather can negatively impact the performance of lithium-ion batteries, such as those used in the Spotlight Cam. In addition, the cloudy weather of the Pacific Northwest can make it harder for the Solar Panel to trickle charge the batteries.

Regardless, you should still be able to open the battery hatch by removing the security screw and twisting the bottom cover off. Do you still have the security screw installed?