How to Move Your Ring Alarm to a New Home

Moving can be a stressful event. This guide will show you some of the basic things to consider when moving with a Ring Alarm system, so hopefully the event is easier for you. Depending on the amount of devices you have, plan to set aside about an hour to complete this process. Carving out some time for this is especially important if you are being Professionally Monitored, because during this process you’ll need to be in a Self Monitored state. Check out the info below to learn how to remove your devices, transport them, adjust your Ring app and then how to set it all up in your new home.

Moving Out with Your Ring Alarm

First, if you are currently using Professional Monitoring, you’ll first want to switch to Self Monitoring to avoid any false alarms, learn how in this Community article here. Next, you’ll want to remove the devices from where they’re currently mounted so you can store and transport them to your new home, below are steps to follow for each device type. A few things you’ll need: a hair dryer, putty knife, Ring screwdriver, step ladder, a few zip-lock bags, soft cloth, and mild spray cleaner.

  • Base Station - The Base Station will need to be unplugged for transportation. This Help Center article here will explain what happens when your Base Station is offline.
  • Contact Sensors and Motion Detectors
    • Slide the Contact Sensor or Motion Detector off of the mounting bracket and place the batteries in a ziplock bag to avoid battery drain through the moving process.
    • Use the hair dryer in a sweeping motion on the mounting bracket to “warm up” the adhesive.
    • While sweeping with the hair dryer, use the putty knife to slowly pry the mounting bracket away from the wall. DO NOT FORCE IT. Forcing the mounting bracket off of the wall can damage the surface it was mounted to.
    • Once the mounting bracket is removed, you can use the soft cloth and mild spray cleaner to clean any residual adhesive.
    • Repeat this process for the magnet portion of the Contact Sensor.

Note: Once the sensor/detector and their bracket piece are removed, place them in their own ziplock bags. To make for easier setup at your new location it is best to write down the 5-digit QR code shown on the sensor and it’s corresponding name in the Ring app on a piece of paper or on the ziplock bag it is being stored in.

  • Keypad
    • Slide the Keypad off of the mounting bracket and set it to the side, for now.
    • Use your Ring Screwdriver to unscrew the screws holding your mounting bracket to the wall, then slide it off as well.
    • Place both pieces in a ziplock bag for transport.

Note: If you have more than one Keypad, write down the 5-digit QR code shown on the Keypad and it’s corresponding name in the Ring app on a piece of paper or on the ziplock bag it is being stored in.

  • Range Extender- Just unplug from the wall outlet and place in your moving box.
  • Other Ring Alarm devices - If you have items such as the Flood and Freeze sensor, Smoke/CO Listener, First Alert Z-Wave Smoke/CO detector, etc., you’ll want to follow the same process as you did for the Contact Sensors, see steps included above. It’s a good practice to remove the batteries during transportation for these devices as well.

Note: Once you’ve removed all of your sensors, be sure to do one final sweep of your home to make sure you haven’t missed anything such as a Ring Yard Sign or any security stickers you may have installed.

All in One Box - Put all your ziplock bags and devices in one box to bring it to your new home!

Moving in with Your Ring Alarm

Now that you are in your new home (Congrats!), you’ll need to edit your address in the Ring app. You can learn how in this Ring Help Center article. Next, plug in your Base Station and follow the on-screen prompts to reconnect your Base Station to wifi. With your Base Station online, you can reconnect your sensors by bringing them close to the Base Station and reinserting their batteries. This can be a great time to install fresh batteries in your devices!

Installing your Devices - To mount the sensors, we have had a lot of neighbors have a good experience with 3M Command Strips as a replacement for the original adhesive. The 3M Command Strips Velcro version allows you to move the sensor around while you are finding the best placement. 3M Double-Sided Tape is also a good replacement for mounting your devices. Keep in mind that the adhesive is very strong and is best used only once. This Help Center article here will go over best placement techniques.

Setup Monitoring - Lastly, you’ll want to enroll your new location into Professional Monitoring. Information on how to do this can be found here. Once this is complete, you’ll want to verify your Ring Protect Plan status on More information about your Ring Protect Plan can be found here.

You are all set and ready to enjoy your new home with Ring Alarm!

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My Ring is hardwired. How do these instructions apply?

Hi @user1229. What Ring device are you referring to that’s hardwired? If you’re asking about a Ring Doorbell or Security Camera, the instructions in this post are actually about the Ring Alarm system. For a Ring Doorbell or Security Camera, how to physically remove it from where it is mounted would depend on which model you have.

That works really well for me thanks for sharing this keep it up.

Hello, I am moving to a new house, and I will leave my Ring alarm at the old home for the new owners. I will buy a new ring set for the new house, but can I transfer my account to the new equipment and still get the $100 a year price? Or do I have to start over from scratch? Thank you!

Good question! Our Protect Plan subscriptions are applied by location. Thus, even if you were to keep the existing Alarm system equipment, the new location would prompt a subscription needed, as well as a registration process to be completed, for professional monitoring.

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I plan on leaving my ring at the house that I am going to sell. I will be cancelling my Wi-Fi. I will be adding a new ring doorbell and flood lights at my new house. Can the Ring at my “selling” house still work without Wi-Fi? Will it still record videos so I can watch via my smart device? Please advise. I hate to keep Wi-Fi at the house I no longer will be living in.

How do I disconnect my ring device from a home that has already sold and has no wifi?

@Marley_Ring. Thanks for letting me know. Do I disconnect the entire alarm and all devices and close that location? If so how does the new owner use it? Thanks!