How to mount Floodlight/Spotlight cam on side of house but facing forward?

I want to mount a security cam (with light) on each side of our house. Both side corridors are long, leading from the backyard to the side gates (that open to the front driveway). So ideally, I want them mounted on the side walls closer to the back of the house but with the cameras themselves facing towards the side gates (the front of the house) so that the whole corridor can be monitored with each cam. In other words, the cameras’ line of sight would be parallel to the side of the house. Is this mounting/positioning option possible? I played with a display model of the floodlight cam at Costco and was only able to turn the camera about 40-45% degrees left/right, so I don’t know…
My 1st preference is the floodlight cam because it provides more light. But I would definitely be OK with the spotlight cam if it can be angled or installed the way that I had described above. Also, the eave-mounting option is not possible in my case.
I would assume a lot of folks here have had the same mounting dilemma since a lot of you have walkways/corridors on the side of your house. How did you do yours?

Hi @lnong. Depending on the exact environment you plan on putting your cameras, you may not need to have them exactly facing the direction you want. The Floodlight Cam has a wide 140º angle lens and an adjustable ball joint. This allows you to be very flexible with it’s placement. Here is a Help Center article that has some information that you might find useful!