How to make Ring Doorbell Pro connect to 5ghz WiFi from Next Wifi to solve choppy/glitchy audio

Hi neighbors & Ring staff,

I have recently installed Ring Doorbell Pro in my front door, it has good live video quality but I notice that the audio is always choppy/glitchy, it’s like every 2-3 seconds it will experience a short glitch so if I am talking to someone via two way communication I or my guest would miss one word from each other.

I have signal strength RSSI -62, and I learned that if it can be connected to 5.x GHz WiFi the issue might go away since there are much neighbors’ WiFi noise around. However, I have Nest Wifi as my router and it uses the same WiFi name for both 2.4 and 5 GHz and let the device to choose which band to use according to their document:

So my question is, how should I force my Ring Doorbell Pro to connect to 5.x GHz wifi from nest WiFi router?


Hey @HappyHome. I’m not sure familiar with the Nest wifi network, but most wifi networks will allow for you to create a separate SSID/network that is just one of those frequencies. Is it possible that you can do that with your network? If you can create a unique SSID that talks on just a 5.0 Ghz network, you can then connect the Doorbell Pro to that network!

In addition, you can try out our Chime Pro 2nd Generation, which uses the dual band switching of 2.4 Ghz and 5 Ghz, which we designed to help neighbors with a network setup where it just switches back and forth to find the “best one.” If you give that a try, your Chime Pro will connect to your Nest wifi, and then your Doorbell will be set up to connect to the Chime Pro! :slight_smile:

Hi @Chelsea_Ring. the nest Wifi cannot separate 2.x GHz and 5 GHz, that’s why I’m asking if there is a way to do it in Ring, it seems there is no way, right?

Also for whether or not to use Chime, I notice my Ring doorbell has signal strength RSSI -64, does that indicate the WiFi signal is kind of weak or it’s already strong enough?

@HappyHome Ok thank you for letting me know! Sorry I’m not too familiar with the system, but altering the network would be the way to go with this situation. Since you cannot do that, the Chime Pro 2nd Gen is the best next option, and knowing that your RSSI is kind of weak already, I see it being a great addition! You can learn more about RSSI in our Community post here and why you could see issues if it stays around -64. Let me know if you get one and how it goes! :slight_smile:

Have the same issue with the doorbell pro connecting to the 5ghz wi-fi network. I can just send out a 5ghz wifi signal on my TP-link Deco X20 and it still will not connect to it and won’t complete the setup. Been having issues as it will only connect to 2.4ghz. Ring please help as it was connected before on 5ghz but now no longer working.

I’ve tried 2 different Ring Chime Pro’s & neither would connect to my 5 GHz wifi (not automatically or by manual setup). They both only connected to my 2.4 GHz wifi but not 5 GHz as advertised. I returned both Chime Pro’s since I only use 5 GHz wifi. Very disappointed w/ the new Chime Pro it only detected all the 2.4GHz networks near me & couldn’t even connect to 5GHz manually w/ correct wifi name & password used.

@Chelsea_Ring and all the other wranglers: writing here because there’s no way to email customer support. Just spent 60 minutes plus on a useless call with a customer service rep who had no idea about mesh networks / 2.4 vs 5Ghz support.

— PLEASE PLEASE tell your customer service team to ask customers if they’re using a mesh network. This would have saved me 2+ hours.

— PLEASE include this BS in your setup walkthrough, or troubleshooting. Had to google multiple solutions before browsing these forums because the UI on the support page is so clogged with noise.

Returning Ring and getting a different system tomorrow. You guys need to improve your comms, CX outreach and UI. 0/10