How to know if you're being recorded / spy'd on?

I was wondering if there are any settings that would make a camera in my house to sound/chirp if someone is watching/listening to your conversations? This is my system and account that I have given access to for security purposes. However, I noticed that I am being recorded when I was in a discussion with someone and it wasn’t me. The motion is off on my interior cameras.
Please advise if anyone knows how I can fix this without just turning the sound recording off.
Thank you!!

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Hi @3349bc6541a28b9c56690815e87543. There are no settings to allow the Ring Camera to play an audible alert when the Live View is activated. You’ll receive a notification to your phone when motion is detected (based on your notification settings), but there are no notification settings for Live View. You can always adjust the Shared Users if needed, or you do have the option to disable the audio recording as well.