How to keep my doorbell ringing and add a 24v transformer (VDB2)


I have purchased a VDB2, but as it turns out, my doorbell is 230v (living in Switzerland). I’m ok using a 24v transformer, but i’d like to keep my old doorbell ringing when somebody presses the button on the VDB2. Is there a way to do such a thing ?


Hey @Malibukoko, if your current wiring for the existing chime box is not compatible for Doorbell, you could also look into getting a Chime or a Chime Pro. Having this device will act like your internal chime box would, as you can place it anywhere in your home for you to hear your Doorbell when it is rung. Hopefully this reply will also help bump your post up so we can see if other neighbors have a workaround for a similar setup as yours! :smiley_cat: