How to keep multiple cameras recording with push notifications temporarily off

I have multiple Ring cameras outside of my house (doorbell, pop-up cam, hardwired cam, etc.). I am also using the security keypad, chimes, as well as multiple other devices.

When I’m working outside (for example, mowing the lawn), I would like to keep all of my cameras recording, but temporarily keep all push notifications and chime alerts turned off.

Currently, I use my keypad to put the entire system into “disarmed mode.” This stops all the notifications, but it also stops recording all of the cameras. When I’m done working outside, I enter “home mode” and it will again begin recording.

This method isn’t good for me. I’d like to keep recording while I’m in “disarmed mode.” Or, I’d even be okay with using “home mode” to keep all cameras recording while disabling push notifications and chimes (and I’d keep everything turned on in “away mode”).

Going into the settings and putting every single device in “snooze mode” while I mow my lawn is insane. I have nearly a dozen devices.

Is there an easy way to set this Ring system so I can stop the phone notifications and chime notifications, but keep everything recording, while I’m working outside of the house? I’m very seriously thinking of cancelling my Ring subscription and replacing everything I have with another service if I can’t get this fixed. This is a real hassle.

Hi @John_G2. You do not have to snooze each individual device, you should be able to use the Global Snooze to temporarily silence notifications on all Cameras and Doorbells. They will still record during that time, but you won’t receive the notifications. You can learn more about how to activate Global Snooze here. Make sure you are toggled to the correct Location on the Ring app as well.

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I just tested this out. This doesn’t seem to be working for the chimes and my Echo. It does snooze the alerts to my phone, but the chime keeps alerting every time motion is detected.

I’d like to just hit the “disarm” button on my Keypad, keep everything recording, shut off all the Chimes, phone notifications, and Echo notifications? How do I just disarm the entire system and keep everything recording without the Chimes constantly going off?

This is driving me crazy. I’m about to get rid of my entire system.

@John_G2 The Echo announcements are not going to be silenced via the Ring app, as they’d have to be silenced via the Alexa app. For the Chimes, you can use the Chime Snooze option. The Global Snooze and Chime Snooze aren’t linked, but you’re welcome to add the suggestion for this to our Feature Request board.