How to install Spotlight Pro plug-in to feed cable from outside to inside outlet & Spare Parts from Ring

I currently have a Nest camera. The cable feeds straight thru the mount into a hole in the wall that allows me to plug that camera into an outlet indoors.
I want to replace the Nest with a Ring Spotlight Pro plug-in, but the mounting it comes with expects you to plug it in outdoors not feed into a wall.
I see there is a Spare Parts accessory, but I don’t see instructions for it, but it appears it might be the solution I want.

Anyone accomplish what I want to do?

Hi @Ringwatcher. This Help Center page gives you the instructions on how to install a Spotlight Cam Pro Plug-In, which should give you an idea of how to install it where you want it. Also, the Spare Parts Kit for the Pro Plug-In is what already comes with the Camera; it is not any different.

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