How to install Ring video doorbell wired 2021 when removing old mechanical chime?

I just received the Ring Video Doorbell wired and have seen the installation instruction video. It involves keeping the old chime and using the jumper cable, however, I have already taken out the old chime as I did not want that big ugly chime on my entrance wall. I have a plate screwed on that area and can access the wires. how do I install the video doorbell without the old chime?

Good question, @Shreya! For more tips on installing the Video Doorbell Wired, I recommend following the Installation Guide here for the best installation steps, as well as watching our video here that explains the setup for a single Doorbell Wired. It is possible to wire the Video Doorbell Wired directly to a transformer that meets the 10-24 VAC requirement, but we recommend that you have a professional electrician handle it if you are not comfortable with such processes. :slight_smile: