How to install jumper cable? Help!

I am trying to install the Ring Video Doorbell Wired 2021 and I need to bypass my current chime using the jumper cable. The problem is, I am not sure how to install my jumper cable. When I open the chime box, it looks different to all the videos I have seen online. It looks like this.

The 2 wires can be removed by squeezing the black parts above and below where the red area is and pulling out the wire. I have attempted to put the jumper cable in but the doorbell isn’t powering up so I figured it was not installed correctly and hence not receiving enough power

Can someone please direct me as to how to install this jumper cable properly? Or a video showing how to do this?

The model number I am seeing for the chime is bticino 393008 110-127V~50/60Hz

Your chime is high voltage and you should not install the doorbell to it. You will need to get an electrician to install a doorbell transformer first.

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