How to install bypass cable for existing chime - Ring video doorbell wired

I have the following transformer/chime and need to install the bypass cable with orange clips

. Can anyone advise how this should be connected?

bypass cable that I need to add to the mix …

Hi @gcrawley02. We have this Help Center article here on how to install the Doorbell Wired. If you need further assistance with hardwiring and installation, I strongly recommend consulting a qualified electrician.

Hi Justin
This video mentions a jumper cable which isn’t included with my doorbell. I have the bypass cable pictured above - can you advise if there is a separate guide for this cable?

Hi @gcrawley02. What specific model doorbell do you have? What is the voltage rating on your transformer. From the looks of things, there is only 2 wires in your picture, so I would assume that this bypass cable would be inserted with those 2 wires.