How to get Ring Video Doorbell Wired to ring mechanical chime

Hi all

I have installed a ring video doorbell wired this week. Whilst this works fine to the phone, the mechanical chime in the house no longer works and I would like it to do so. The chime is a piece of history, and I much prefer it to a modern ring chime box connected via wifi.

The chime is a Friedland Cathedral 300/98 consisting of two large brass bars hit by a double sided solenoid. The transformer appears more modern and is a Friedland D753 operating at 8V 1A.

Any help will be much appreciated. Photo included of the solenoid wiring above the mechanical chime.

And the chime

And the transformer

Try this information to get it installed.
Installing Ring Video Doorbell Wired – Ring Help

Thank you. The ring wires doorbell is installed and working. It is not however sounding the original house doorbell chime. I believe the video you shared bypasses the chime. I wish the original house chime to sound in addition to my mobile phone to be notified when the ring wires doorbell is pressed.

Hi @user19440. The Video Doorbell Wired does not have the ability to ring pre-existing chimes. If you would like something to ring inside other than your phones or tablets, you can add a Ring Chime. Also, if you have Alexa devices, you can link them with Ring to make an announcement when someone rings the Video Doorbell.