How to get Live View on phone

I just installed a Ring Doorbell 3 with Echo 8. My Echo 8 receives a notification when someone pushes the dororbell and the Live View video starts without intervention. My android phone recieves a sound notification but NOT the live view, I must manually go into the history to view the video. I want to see the Live View video without manually intervention like my Echo 8. Ring support tells me that Live View Notification is NOT supported on a phone (just echo products), yet there are Youtube videos out there that show people doing this. Any ideas??

Hi @fpmm14. You should be able to tap the notification to activate the Live View whenever someone is at your door. Additionally, you can adjust a notification preference in the Ring App so that if you receive a notification while you have the app open, it can automatically open the Live View. Open the Ring App > Main Menu > Devices > your Ring > Device Settings > Alert Settings > Notification Preferences > toggle Push Notifications off. This will make it so that when you are in the Ring App and someone rings the Doorbell, it will automatically activate the Live View rather than send you a push notification.