How to get higher quality video from recorded history

Recently ran into a scam activity that was caught completely by my 2nd gen Ring doorbell which I paid for recording functionality. Obviously I would want the highest possible quality in video recording from the device history, but what I could download was not HD standard. It’s a bit blurry. The device is 12 ft away from the router but there is a wall in between. Normally the signal is really good with short response time. It’s just in this case I want the highest possible video quality.

Is there a way to get it from the Ring company directly? Appreciate any advice.

Hey @linjuncheung. Do you mind sharing us a video example of what this blurry-ness looks like, as well as what the RSSI is for your Doorbell? You can learn more about RSSI in our Community post here. Please note that the Ring Video Doorbell 2 Gen should record in 1080p when there is a stable and solid connection. Whenever there is a lag in the connection, reduced upload speeds, or a poor RSSI, you may find there to be a video quality loss.

I talked with support chat already and have resolved the issue. Thx

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