How to get full coverage for all devices in a very large house?

I have a large house with multiple wifi networks and I have multiple ring alarm devices and I am having trouble with devices reaching the base station even with two extenders. Would using the base station as my main router and installing a complete EERO setup fix this issue or will it not help with devices that are too far from the base station?

Hi @twinscrolled. The Ring Alarm Base Station is the only Ring Alarm device that operates off of WiFi. The rest of the Ring Alarm accessories operate off of Z-Wave signal. The only way to improve that signal is by adding a Range Extender or minimizing interference. Make sure that your Base Station is centrally located in your home, out in the open, away from other electronic devices and not tucked behind a sofa or in a closet. The same goes for the Range Extenders. Try moving them to different outlets, close to half way between your Ring Alarm Accessory and your Base Station for best results. Let me know if this helps!

Do the range extenders extend off of each other? or does each one only extend a certain distance from the base station?

Hi @twinscrolled. Yes, it is possible that the Range Extenders will connect to each other, or “daisy chain”. However, there is no way to force them to do this. While Z-Wave devices are operating, to routinely check-in with the Base Station. During this time, they optimize their signal path and will take the path that gives them the best signal. This means, they may or may not connect to each other. The best approach is to move a Range Extender, try it for a day or two, then move to another location and repeat until you’ve found the sweet spot.